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Marco the Marmot Munchies at La Tulipe Café

Marco the Swiss Alpine Marmot was on an adventure in Morges!

He had just finished exploring the beautiful Parc de l'Indépendance, a giant park filled with happy people, colorful flowers, and shady trees. All that exploring made Marco's tummy rumble.

Luckily, Marco spotted a cute little cafe called La Tulipe. He scurried closer.  The cafe was surrounded by people. They were chatting and enjoying all sorts of delicious-looking treats.

Marco overheard a lady talking about La Tulipe's famous ice cream, made with all-natural, high-quality Swiss ingredients. Fresh, delicious, and absolutely yummy, she said.  Marco couldn't resist! He imagined the creamy coldness melting on his tongue, bursting with the flavors of Switzerland.

He also saw cookies made with organic flour and natural leaven, they looked perfect.  And then what about the aroma of freshly baked waffles that filled the air, along with the savory scent of pizzas… 


But La Tulipe's magic didn't stop there! The cafe also had delicious-smelling coffee, likely brewed with ethically sourced, traceable beans.

Marco's whiskers twitched with excitement…!  Knowing this was the perfect pitstop for a hungry marmot, Marco scooted up to an empty seat.  He couldn't decide what to try first –  a steaming cup of coffee, a scoop of refreshing ice cream, or maybe both!

This is where our little adventurer's story begins!  Will Marco cool down with some ice cream or warm up with a coffee?  Perhaps he'll share a treat with a new friend he meets at the cafe!  The possibilities are endless!

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