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Welcome to Nyon, a charming town nestled on the shores of Lake Leman in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene, Nyon offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

Located on the shores of Lake Leman, Nyon has been around since Roman times, so there's lots of old stuff to see. You can check out the old Roman ruins and take a walk through the pretty streets. Everywhere you look, there's a story from the past! When it comes to relaxation, Nyon's beautiful lakeside setting offers plenty of opportunities to unwind. You can take a nice walk along the lakeshore or go for a swim in Lake Geneva. The Plage communale des Trois-Jetées, Nyon's public beach, is a favorite spot among locals and visitors alike, perfect for sunbathing and picnicking on warm summer days. In Nyon, there was something for everyone. Whether you were a history buff, a nature lover, or simply seeking new adventures, this town welcomed you with open arms. So, grab your backpack, catch a train, and let Marco be your guide to the wonders of Nyon. Who knows what marvelous memories await?

rue de la gare, Nyon, Switzerland


This street is known for its array of charming boutiques, cozy cafes, delicious restaurants, and a vibrant atmosphere. It's a street that you can't miss in Nyon.

Chocolaterie Alexander, nyon, switzerland

Chocolaterie Alexandre

Visit this delightful shop to observe master Chocolaterie Alexandre crafting delicious treats in the authentic Swiss tradition. A must-visit for all chocolate enthusiasts!


nyon beach, nyon, switzerland

Nyon Beach

The best place for the warm season! Crystal-clear water for swimming, golden sands for sunbathing, epic lake views for picnics, sunbathing, and a variety of activities.

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Colovray Sports Center, nyon, switzerland.jpg

Colovray Sports Center

Home to FC Stade Nyonnais and located right across from the UEFA headquarters, Nyon boasts six versatile pitches for football, rugby, and athletics. Marco was there to watch athletics.

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La Croix Verte

Come enjoy a delicious meal with the family. With nearly 200 years of history, they offer quality dishes made with fresh ingredients to suit all tastes.


Travelling with Nyon Bus.png

Nyon bus

Hop on a bus in Nyon to explore different parts of the town and nearby villages! It's a great way to mingle with locals, uncover unique spots, and enjoy a reliable ride with regular schedules.

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three MUSEUMS IN nyon

Three Nyon Adventures: History, Views, and Lake Life!

Calling all explorers and curious minds! Nyon, Switzerland, is ready to whisk you away on three incredible adventures. Ready to step back in time, capture jaw-dropping views, and discover the secrets of the lake? Let's dive in! Here are three exciting museum adventures that await you in Nyon:

roman museum,  Nyon, Switzerland

Roman Museum 

Step into the ancient world of Nyon's Roman history! Explore a treasure trove of Roman artifacts and dive into daily life during the Roman era through captivating exhibitions.


roman columns,  Nyon, Switzerland

Roman Columns

Enjoy a free public viewpoint offering panoramic vistas of Lake Geneva and the majestic Alps. Learn about the area's rich Roman history and the significance of the column as a historical treasure.

lake leman museum, nyon, switzerland

lake leman museum

Get ready for a fun-filled day of discovery about the lake's history and creatures. Not only interactive illustrations, but they also have a small aquarium where one can see the fishes which live in the lake.


two castles IN nyon

Journey Through Time and History

Nyon, isn't just about stunning scenery – it's a journey through time! Buckle up for two incredible castle adventures, each offering a unique taste of history.

nyon castle,  Nyon, Switzerland

nyon castle

Step into the enchanting past of the 13th century and soak up the medieval vibes at Nyon Castle! Venture up the towers for the most breathtaking views of the lake and mountains.


castle of prangins, nyon, switzerland

Castle of Prangins

Nestled near Nyon, explore the enchanting Château de Prangins and its lush gardens for a glimpse into 18th-century Swiss culture. They host cultural events, educational programs & exhibits!


Can You Guess Marco's New Friend?

She's a super-fast runner from Nyon who loved hurdling and won gold in the European Championships!

She also excelled in the 200 meters and relay races. Even though she's retired now, she still inspires others to follow their track and field dreams. 


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