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Welcome to Morges, a charming town in Switzerland.  Renowned for its historic architecture, vibrant cultural scene and breathtaking landscapes, Morges is the perfect destination for travellers seeking a unique
and memorable experience.

This beautiful town sits on the shores of Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Switzerland, which shares its border with France. You can easily travel to Morges by car or by riding their super comfy trains, a Swiss specialty. Imagine zooming through the mountains and seeing the amazing and interesting towns and villages along the way. But Morges is the real star of the show. This town is like a storybook come to life. Picture colorful houses, busy shops, restaurants, and narrow streets adorned with flowers that take you back in time. It even includes a giant castle just waiting to be explored. Morges Castle, a magnificent fortress that has guarded the town for centuries, is now home to several museums. Here, you can delve into history, marvel at miniature figurine displays, or learn about the fascinating world of artillery and police work. With its stunning setting, historical charm, and hidden museum gems, Morges offers something for everyone. So pack your bags, hop on a train, and get ready to discover this unforgettable Swiss town.

la grand rue, morges, switzerland


La Grand-Rue isn't just a street, it's the heart of Morges! Take a stroll through unique shops, enjoy local treats, and let the energy of the town wash over you.

l'arlequin fornerod, morges, switzerland

L'Arlequin Fornerod

There's no place like L'Arlequin Fornerod in Morges! Their pastries, teas, coffees and hot chocolates have been tempting locals and visitors since 1965


chateau de morges, morges, switzerland

Château de Morges

This medieval castle offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, with four museums showcasing everything from ancient weaponry to futuristic sci-fi exhibits.



parc de I'Independance in morges, morges, switzerland

Parc de l'Indépendance

Discover the charming Parc de l'Indépendance in Morges, where the vibrant Morges Tulip Festival blooms from April to May, boasting over 100,000 flowers.

la tulipe cafe, morges, switzerland

La Tulipe Café

Nestled in the heart of the Parc de l'Indépendance, La Tulipe Café promises a treat for every palate and the best locally made ice cream.


morges lakeside, morges, switzerland


Take a nice walk along the Morges lakeside with beautiful views of Lake Leman, Mont Blanc and the mountains.

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Morges Castle Awaits Your Exploration

Get ready for a day filled with fun and learning! It's a gateway to history and excitement!

Step inside and let your senses come alive as you journey through five incredible museums. From ancient artifacts to interactive exhibits, there's so much to discover and enjoy.

Website for Museums in Morges Castle

Morges Military Museum, morges, switzerland

The Military Museum OF MORGES

Dedicated to the rich military heritage of the region. Here, you can delve into exhibits that honor local soldiers who bravely served abroad, their sacrifices forever etched in history.

Morges Historical Museum, morges, switzerland

The Swiss Museum of Historic Figurines

Inside this museum, you'll find fascinating figurines telling stories from Swiss and world history. It's a fun place for everyone to learn about important events, people, and cultures from the past.

Morges Military Museum., morges, switzerland

The Artillery Museum

A cool place where you can see old weapons and military stuff. It's like stepping back in time to learn about Switzerland's military history. If you like knights and battles, you'll love it here!

Morges Police Museum, morges, switzerland

The Police Museum

This museum is all about cops and crime solving, but in a super interesting way! It's like stepping into a detective's secret lair. You can find old-time cop gear, crime scene clues, and the history of police work.

Paderewski Museum, morges, switzerland

The Paderewski Museum

Dedicated for Ignacy Jan Paderewski. Inside, you'll find his personal belongings, like pianos and musical scores, and learn all about his life and achievements. It's a great spot for music lovers and history buffs alike!


Museum Outside of Castle:
Explore Beyond the Castle Walls

Don't miss out the cool museums waiting to be explored outside Château de Morges walls.  These museums offer a fascinating peek into art, history, and local culture, making your Morges adventure even richer. The best part? Morges is super walkable, so you can easily hop between museums and soak up the charming town vibes.

musee morges, morges, switzerland

Alexis Forel Museum

Ever wondered what it would be like to peek into a world shrunk down to miniature size? Well, this museum lets you do just that! Each miniature is meticulously crafted, bursting with tiny details that will leave you marveling at Alexis Forel's skill and imagination.


house of press cartooning, morges, switzerland

House of Press Cartooning

For a fun and creative experience, visit this unique museum dedicated to satirical illustration. Explore a global collection of cartoons that range from political commentary to lighthearted social observations. With interactive displays and workshops, you can even try your hand at cartooning yourself!


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