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meet marco's friends!


Marco is not your ordinary Alpine marmot. He's a fluffy ball of fun with a coat so brown and cozy, he could be mistaken for a walking teddy bear!

He is a curious marmot who is always looking to start a new adventure and see the best places to visit in Switzerland.  He loves getting his picture taken and eating ice cream, chocolate and pizza.


Nora, the squirrel is always in fast-forward mode! Her reddish-brown fur glistens, and her fluffy tail swishes around like a flag. Nora is very agile and zippy and she loves climbing up "everything"!

Her big eyes are always wide open in wonder.  She is a good friend of Marco and can be found in the Morges, Nyon and Geneva books.  Keep on the lookout for her as she is often up high in the illustrations.


Robin Froidevaux is a super cyclist from

Morges, Switzerland.

Robin rides his bike really fast for the Tudor Pro Cycling Team.  He has won many races including the Swiss National Championships Road Race!

Robin also raced for Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.  He's not just fast on the road, but also on track races, which is like cycling super fast in a big circle.

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Meet Léa Sprunger, a real speedy superstar from Nyon who had a passion for running! 


She trained in several running disciplines, but her heart belonged to the 400-meter hurdles. With incredible speed, she smashed records and even clinched a gold medal at the European Championships!


Léa also excelled in other events, triumphing in the 200 meters and relays. Although she's retired now, Léa continues to inspire others to pursue their track and field dreams, just like she did!

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