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meet marco!

meet marco, the swiss alpine marmot

hello friends!

My name is Marco, it's nice to meet you.  I am a Swiss alpine marmot and lives near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. I live with my loving family and a group of wonderful (and funny) marmot friends.

With the arrival of spring, it's time for me to wake up from my winter hibernation (this is a very long sleep for some animals over the cold winter months).

This year as my family and friends enjoyed the usual happiness of marmot life, I set off on an exciting journey to explore some of Switzerland’s most incredible destinations.

Along the way, I go to some beautiful places in Switzerland and take some amazing photos and meeting many inspiring athletes with whom I become fantastic friends. My adventures will be filled with fun and wonder.


Hey, I was thinking...
"Would you like to join me on this amazing adventure?"




​High up in the Swiss Alps, where the chocolate is sweet, the cheese is holey, and the mountains look like giant snowy Toblerones, lives the alpine marmot, the cheeky guys of the peaks! These furry Swiss locals are like roly-poly teddy bears with a love for pranks.

Picture them munching on Edelweiss flowers, popping out of their burrows to surprise hikers with their chubby cheeks and squeaky whistles. When they're not snacking or sunbathing on the grassy slopes, they're playing their favorite game: rolling down the hills like little Swiss cheese wheels!


Have you ever heard about the fascinating sleeping habits of marmots during winter? It's a unique time called hibernation. During this period, these adorable creatures cuddle up with their families in cozy burrows beneath the earth, where they stay warm and snug.

In an interesting turn of events this year, while hibernating, Marco started dreaming about an amazing journey.
Marco was filled with wonder as he imagined all the different places he could explore in this beautiful country!



As our friend Marco embarked on his grand Swiss adventure, he decided to add a unique fashion twist.

In a delightful display of cultural appreciation, Marco chose to wear traditional lederhosen which are short or knee length shorts.  These shorts originate from the mountainous regions of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Also, did you notice that Marco always has a necktie?  Make sure you look at it as it will change color every time he travels to a different city!

He thought this would be a pretty cool way to help you remember the flag colors from each city.

Which Swiss city is he representing when he wears “red and white”?

train to morges-min.png

Discover Switzerland with Marco, the friendly Alpine Marmot.

From Geneva to Zurich, adventure awaits in Marco Loves Switzerland's amazing children books & photo albums!

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