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Train, Bus, Bike, or Walk: Let's Explore the Colovray Sports Centre with Marco

Colovray Sports Centre Nyon Switzerland

Everyone needs to know that “Marco the Swiss Alpine Marmot” isn't your average marmot. Most marmots love wildflowers and sunbathing (yes, this is really true 😀), but Marco also loves adventure.

When he arrived in Nyon, aside from learning about its Roman history dating back over 2,000 years he also wanted to see some sports.  The best place to go for sports in Nyon is the Colovray Sports Centre.

As he arrived at the sports centre, he was in time to watch some athletics on its bright red 400m running track.  Its was fantastic!  As the runners ran around the track, he spotted one of his all-time favorite athletes, the Swiss champion runner, Lea Sprunger.

After her race, he ran over to speak with her.  They had a memorable discussion where she told him about the pride she felt as she ran at the Olympic games and European Championships for her country.

Lea Sprunger at Colovray Sports Centre

Filled with excitement Marco then when to visit the lush green football fields; the home ground of FC Stade Nyonnais and the Nyon Rugby Club!  The atmosphere crackled with energy, a celebration of sportsmanship and healthy living.

It was easy to see the Colovray Sports Centre wasn't just a place for professional athletes, but also families and young children to play.  The sports centre offers a range of facilities for public use.  Also, a multi-sport playground provides a fun space for kids to burn off some steam, with changing rooms conveniently available.

Getting to the Colovray Sports Centre is easy. It takes about 25-30 minutes to walk from Nyon train station. Alternatively, buses 803 or 811 stop nearby at "Nyon: Colovray" or "Nyon: Route de Genève".

As the day ended, Marco left the Colovray Sports Centre feeling inspired. Not only did they he about this amazing facility, but he also crossed paths with a sports legend! Nyon, with its beautiful lakeside setting and this world-class sporting hub, had truly captured his heart. 

One thing was for sure, Marco's adventure in Nyon wasn't over. With so much more to explore, this little marmot with big plans knew he'd be back for another dose of Swiss magic!

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